Lost in the Forest – Joint Exhibition

Lost in the Forest Exhibition

Finally our first exhibition opening was successfully held on 14th Oct and our works will exhibit until 9th DEC. I was too busy to upload the pictures immediately but I wish to share our excitement on the opening night to all of you! We have been prepared for almost a year to find the venue which is the most challenge!

Before taking you to our forest, I would like to introduce  ‘The Lost in the Forest’ exhibition. It is a showcase of myself and 2 other artists Ophelia Kwong and Kay Law’s recent works and journey with art that is alike to exploring a mystical forest and discovering the treasures that lie within. We think Art is a process and often you do not know what to find ahead with each step that you take. So let me take you to our journey!

The Lost in the forest exhibition

If you have seen my previous works, recently I love to use acrylic and I’m addicted to it!  Each of us exhibit 6 artworks and all of us have mushrooms in it. My art piece include: 1/ Lost in the Forest 2/ The Mushroom Prince 3/ Hide and Seek 4/ The Garden bottle and I did 2 paintings in a Circle canvas which I really love it! that is 5/ Under the Sea 6/ Day & Night. Also I have printed 20 packs of postcards in 250gsm art card and badges as gifts for my friends on the opening day.  I am also planning to sell it in ESTY too! so please let me know if you are interest? I also exhibit my sketch book so it can explain my working process without words!

Lost in the Forest Exhibition

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LIVE Portrait Drawing – Opening Event for KOOLeader

Apologize haven’t show up for almost 4 months!! You might not know as I have another travel blog in wordpress, thus I’m so busy organizing my photos and try to have 3-4 posts at least a month. However, it doesn’t mean I forgot about this blog. Sometimes is really hard to maintain 2 different kinds of blog at the same time.

I have been thinking how I shall maintain this blog and what I should share. As an illustrator (not a full time) I don’t have much to share compare to my travel blog (unless I keep drawing a day). However I would try to post at least 1-2 post per month (depends if I have any new art piece) which is valuable to share. So let me share the most recent that I did in Dec, 2016 – a live portrait drawing for the opening event in Kooleader.

Dark Fantasy Portrait Drawing KOOLeader Event

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Working process – Under the Sea

P9111031 copy.jpg

After 2 months, finally I finished this painting. It wasn’t really difficult to finish but I’m too busy these 2 months. I’m so happy to share my process in this article. I don’t think I’m professional enough to teach anyone however I believe we can always learn through the working path and so do I.

I usually start with a sketch after brainstorm the story and characters which I decided to include in the painting. Since I’m developing a series of Mushroom Story, thus I will continue the storyline of the previous painting. The scenery of this painting is Under the Sea. Mr.Whale lead little rabbit and girl to find the mushroom prince in order to get the black mushroom to heal her mum. On the way looking for mushroom prince, they have passed through the sea and there were lots of neon pink jellyfish and fishes surround them. In the mushroom world, the sea was actually floating in the sky. A very clear starry night with fishes swimming everywhere. I used neon pink acrylic as one of my main color in the painting.

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Dark Fantasy Online Shop Launched!

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 11.59.31 PM

Finally, Dark Fantasy Official Store has launched today!! I can’t tell how happy I am! I have uploaded a few items today after my product shot in the afternoon. There are postcards, handmade wooden boxes, note books.  More items  will launch afterwards!

I have attached a few shots below so if any of you are interested will give you some ideas of what I have in my ESTY as below. As many of my products are very limited (mostly are handmade) so there are only a few items in stock.


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Polymer Clay Deer Sculpture

Me and my friend joined a class from Shroomtopia. It was a class taught you how to make a Deer sculpture with Polymer Clay. Polymer clay is different from Paper Clay.  You don’t need to use water but an oven and  pastel. It spent about 3 hours to finish the whole art piece.
Before I put in the oven
wait for 35 mins


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Hello! Welcome to Dark Fantasy


To celebrate my first post of Dark Fantasy, I am going to have a FREE GIVEAWAY if you follow the below. Will let you know later how this is going to work.

Anyways, as an illustrator I would love to share my drawing process, my techniques and my studio (actually my working desk) so is more than just only my final art piece. I think this is way more interesting than only posting the art piece in Facebook. So let’s get more in depth of what is Dark Fantasy. As I love story telling, so what you can find in my work are full of story telling. Not only a fairy tale but also you can find the darkest side of my fantasy world. at the moment I used to paint in acrylic for most of my paintings, however I do also love to use watercolor mixed with color pencils to create such a fairy tale look and feel. My work mostly not only attracted my females but I do also have male customers who bought my postcard previously. I’m more than just exciting to let you know how happy I have finally launched this blog!!! YEAH!! So don’t let the happy mood down and here is the GIVEAWAY game!

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